Kunstkollektivet 8B Summer residency,
LOCUS 8B Vol.1

During the end of summer of 2021 in the small village of Unnerud, Denmark I was challenged to preserve old crafts and create with nature. The residency was organised by Oasis and Lagoon (Marcel van Kan and Cathelijne Engelkes) in collaboration with the Kunstkollektivet 8B together with a variety of different designers. The residency worked as a catalyses of creativity and crosspollination of ideas across the divers group of designers. 


In residency at 8B I learned to create with raw and local materials and designed items that told the story of the landscape it came from. We made felt from scratch out of wool that was brought by a local sheepherder. We picked flowers, plants and weeds from nearby fields that were used as pigments for the fabrics, which introduced to me the wide spectrum of opportunities that nature was able to give to humanity. With amazement I created ceramics made from clay taken from the soil of my surroundings, all of which had its unique colours and textures. 


I realised how far removed we have become of the knowledge of natural properties and mostly the opportunities local nature can give us. Besides working with the surrounding nature, the collaborations and dynamic of the group of designers from all over the world, helped to deepen my understanding of the materials and appreciation of the tactility of nature in the designed objects. Working with natural products and understanding that our local nature can provide for our needs and creative expressions, was an absolute eye-opener. The experiences gained at the residency helped shape my understanding of working with nature and kindled the desire to collaborate our natural environment.